Yuliya Kniaz

Head of Labor Relations and Legalization Practice in Poland
Areas of specialization:
  • Civil and commercial law (Belarus)
  • Labor law (Poland)
  • Legalization of foreigners (Poland)
Belarusian State University of Economics, Faculty of Law, diploma with honors (diploma recognized in Poland, Master of Laws degree)
  • completed training and internship in business analytics and project management (2021, BA/PM, Belhard)
  • completion of legal studies at the University of Warsaw and the University of Gdansk, defense of a paper on the topic: Employment of foreigners in Poland.

Work experience:
2011-2021. Lawyer in Belarus (specialization: civil law, including work with economic cases and business issues)
from July 2022 to the present time working at ALG Legal

Operating languages:
  • Russian
  • Belarusian
  • Polish
  • English

Work with PBH program in Poland, inclusion in the list of program partners and obtaining recommendations for employees of IT companies (at least 20 companies)
managing projects on legalization of IT specialists in Poland (more than 200 people)
more than 30 publications in the field of labor relations and legalization in Poland
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